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Most Of Us Do Not Deserve Crypto

2022.01.26 11:46 CryptoCat1607 Most Of Us Do Not Deserve Crypto

Introduction: The Opportunities in The Cryptoverse
Crypto has awakened a revolution in the human realm. Not only it is a place where new wealth is created, it is also where new hopes, visions and ideas emerged within the mission of bettering humanity. Essentially, what crypto brings is the expansion of equal opportunities to all human beings. Through decentralized, permissionless and trustless protocols, crypto offers us a choice and therefore the freedom to decide how we might want to live our life. It is this that makes crypto valuable and at the same time makes the opportunity for wealth here so great.

The Reality of Crypto Investing
Yet in the minds of many, this wealth opportunity is not permanent and should be treated hastily and impulsively. In phases of overt hypes and excitement, people often suffer from the fear of missing out on what they think is their only chance of ever getting rich. But most people didn’t just want to get rich, they wanted to get rich fast. This is when we see people’s appetite for risk increase. They overinvest with money they can not afford to lose, opt-in for riskier assets, borrow capitals they don’t have and begin trading with leverage, all in the hope of “making it” in the shortest period as possible.
This exuberance of impatience is what causes much of the irrationality seen in this market, We view crypto no more than ups or downs, green days or red days. We measure the success of a project based on the gains and losses instead of any real progress or concrete fundamentals. We became narrow-minded with our black and white perspectives on the space as a whole. We scream just as loud when the market goes up as it is when going down. We create unrealistic expectations in euphoric moments only to spread unnecessary fears when we enter dispair. We become the victims of our emotions, and not only does it hurt our ability to invest safely and soundly, it also hurts the credibility and the authenticity of the cryptoverse.

The Culture of Crypto
A big reason for what we are observing is the results of the culture we created in crypto. There is an extreme obsession with price in this space. It is said to be what facilitates adoption and awareness yet the reality is the large majority of price-inducing attention and interest are cheap and valueless. Some might say it is a reflection of growth and progression but this is a misconception. In crypto, fundamentals do not dictate prices. It may justify it, however, it is mainly market sentiments that drive prices, to levels that no one could ever expect or imagine, both to the upside and the downside.
The current culture of crypto does not concern with genuine adoption and things such as network effect. The game everybody is playing is predicting and speculating on how high or how low or how long, or how short these periods of hypes and pains are. The focus is on loading up bags at the very bottom and dumping them at the very top. For most individuals, this is how you win the crypto game, and it is this mentality that causes the mass to views crypto no more than a casino, a zero-sum game, and to utter things such as “decentralization does not matter”.
These are the perspectives oversaturated in the space today. People who hold these narrowed mindsets speaks no different than corrupted politicians and acts no different than the banks and corporations we wish to detach from the old system. They see themselves as the center of the cryptoverse and judge the success of the space based on how much it can profit them. These are the same people who would never try to understand crypto or do not believe in what it stands for and subsequently, they are the one who would intoxicate this space with nonsense and hopiums that benefits nobody but themselves.

The Harsh Truth For Crypto Investors
The honest truth is the majority of us do not deserve to be in crypto. Most of us are here to take from this space rather than giving. Most of us are here to consume instead of to create. Most of us are here for the hypes, to then turn cold when tough times come by. The matter of fact is we never value the things that are being built and are being given in this space. We never wanted the freedom in finding opportunities and in building wealth. All we wanted is the securities, the guarantee to get rich. All we wanted is to be told what to invest and how to invest. All we wanted is the magic pill that makes us successful without ever failings.
The majority of us don’t even want real innovation, we want more memecoins, more ponzinomics and more forked yield farms. We want easy money without taking much risk, and often when things don’t go our way, we don’t even take responsibility for our actions. There is always something or someone to blame, and if we can not resolve our frustration and failures, we turn against the space with hatred and bitterness to the leaders, to the communities, and to the future of crypto itself.
This is the reality of most market participants in the cryptoverse, especially during market downturns, where all eyes are fixated on the same number that is influenced by the least reliable and least rational factor called human emotions. Those who fail are those who often subject themselves to emotional thinking influenced by the mass. In contrast, those who succeed are those who can detach themselves from the irrationality of the market, and more importantly, the irrationality of they themselves. Yet it is easier said than done when you are a human, who is ingrained with fears and desires. So how do you “make it” here?

Finding Success in Crypto
By directing your focus on the objective reality, the progression, the bigger picture; by learning, exploring, involving and developing a deep conviction in something; by trusting the process, trusting the visions and trusting the leadership of those who wish to bring the best to the future of humanity. How you succeed in crypto is dependent entirely on you and your capacity to remains here for a long period of time, through both sunshine and rainy days, good and tough times. How you win here is a matter of how you look towards the future of crypto and what it can bring to all of us.
Without a reason to hold on to your investment, you will deem to lose hope and fail. Without a strong belief, you will become just another victim of the dishonest and the deceitful in this market. Diving deep into the world of crypto, you will find there is so much noise here. You will be drowned in the sea of human emotions, ready to engulf you in projection and expectations that are meant to impel you into bad decisions. But it isn’t your job to change the culture that exists in crypto. It is your responsibility to filter out the noise here and be in charge of your investment and your own financial future.

TLDR; Conclusion
There is a saying “ you don’t deserve 500% gains if you can’t handle 50% lost in crypto”, likewise, you do not deserve the success in crypto if you can’t build yourself up to handle the nature of this market. Understand that crypto is no heaven. It is not a place to save you from the misery of your own reality, nor it was never meant to satisfy your thirst for wealth. Crypto was made for humanity and for the collective. Perhaps with this realization, you will find a grip of where you stand in this space, and by adjusting your mindset and your investment thesis, you will ultimately come out on top as someone who is brave enough to take risks, while patient enough to reap the rewards.
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Me and my mom feed some stray cats everyday, it's basically a natural breeding ground for them but Everytime a kitten is born, it contracts some kind of illness/illnesses that we've always thought was worms, but we've gotten medicine for them and it doesn't seem to help, we have no clue what they could be getting into or what they've been eating but we live in an extremely forested part of NC and I don't think there's anything poisonous here other then spiders. Someone help?
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Father in law has a very very wide face/jaw. Most masks can't even reach his ears. He only was able to find some crappy XL cloth masks on Amazon. He has some comorbidities, and he's so afraid of COVID that he won't even go to the doctor for the various health issues he has.
Any tips of where we could find large/XL masks in the US, preferably N95 or KN95?
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2022.01.26 11:46 bryandfg Cyberclassic Brings Gamification to DeFi with $CLASS Staking + NFTs reward - CERTIK/SOLIDPROOF

Passive income on Cyberclassic
If you are a crypto enthusiast or not, we all reckon one thing: crypto is the future! Because it is believed to be so, it also attracts immense attention from investors and developers alike. What started off as a Proof-of-work based cryptocurrency, has now been turned into an exotic decentralized financial lexicon: an entire cosmos with a variety of opportunities and innovations.
When novice investors contemplate investing in cryptocurrencies, a wide array of opportunities arises in front of them. To state a few, consider non-fungible tokens, crypto-currency holding, and exchange.
Perhaps, most investors tend to neglect another extremely profitable investment option in crypto cosmos, which can be very profitable if managed. This investment is staking.

Key features
You can stake your $CLASS at any time you choose. You can stake any amount of $CLASS you wish;
Once staked, the contract will deliver a reward continuously for as long as tokens remain staked;
You can withdraw any amount of staked CLASS tokens without any locking period.
You are free to stake additional amounts at any time

What is crypto staking
Staking is a relative term to describe the process of earning through locking up funds in liquidity pools. The concept emerged from Proof-of-stake protocols. PoS refers to creating a block on a blockchain on the basis of a staked amount by a validator. Contrary to the old method of solving a mathematical issue in PoW, PoS follows a more sophisticated method of block addition. Apart from aiding in block addition, staking reap higher rewards too.
Most staking pools on different blockchains offer sky-rocketing APY% With such excellence, staking has become the secret sauce for DeFi projects and a must-have too.

Annual Percentage Yield & Pools
CLASS holders will be able to participate in rewards in one way.
CLASS holders can stake CLASS to earn more tokens.

APY will start with 1500% APY, and can drop till 500% APY if 100% of holders stake.

Staking in Cyberclassic
Cyberclassic on Binance smart chain has set its sight on becoming №1 DeFi protocol, equipped with all updated investment and entertainment features for its community. That being said, these features also include staking. Nevertheless, the staking pools on Cyberclassic are slightly different from other projects. These alterations are eye-catchy and interesting due to personalization for short-term, long-term investors and risk averse or risk loving investors.

Interface overview
The paradigm is that the interface displays main pool of staking.

  1. Connect Wallet — We currently support MetaMask, and Binance Wallet for Staking CLASS tokens.
  2. Token Balance (top-right) — These are tokens that you’re currently holding, that is agnostic whether you’re staking or not staking tokens.
  3. Staking (center-right) — You can start staking by connecting your wallet and approving the staking contract to transfer tokens on your behalf. You can then choose amount to stake, and authorize the transaction.

For risk averse, the first two pools are carefully designed which offer the highest APY of 500% with no locking up period and no NFTs as rewards. For those who tend to lock up their funds for a period of 7 days,they will be able to enjoy an APY of 700% and additional reward in the form of NFTs too. Lastly, the highest reward of 800% APY is set for the longest maturity time period pool, with the maturity of 14 days.

The rewards in NFTs will be a randomly generated cyborg NFT from either of the categories, which includes, Natural, rare,super rare, super super rare. On the other hand, the rewards in tokens are generated from the total supplied for the staking pools, which is 36% of the total token supply. Among which pool 0 and pool 1 both have 10% allocation for each, followed by 4% for pool 2,3,4,5 respectively.

Why APY is dropping?
There are limited amount of tokens that are supposed to be distributed across staking pool, that means if amount of stakers increase, it effects the distribution ratio and thus decreasing APY.

When will staking platform launch?
The platform will be available to stake CLASS tokens after market initialization of cyberclassic over Pancakeswap.

Vision and Mission
Our mission and vision is to revolutionize blockchain gaming while keeping the true essence of card games alive. Cyberclassic game is inspired by our childhood favorite pokemon cards. It is an attempt to bring new gaming technologies in our old games to strike the right balance of innovation and nostalgia. We aim to transform Cyberclassic into a metaverse ecosystem. This platform is not limited to NFT and tokens. We aim to provide entertainment and a fun way to learn and earn in crypto space. Cyberclassic is the future of NFTs.

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«Единая Россия» попросила власти РФ поставить «ДНР» и «ЛНР» военную продукцию. «Сценарий, который демонстрирует коллективный Запад на Украине, напоминает возврат к нацизму и бандеровщине. Мы не можем с этим мириться» submitted by gentoosiast to liberta [link] [comments]

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I missed (again) the end date of the last event and have some craft matirials left over. This item is now joining the sinister six, eternals, mad titan and more events that I have still items of. What do you do with those items?Should i dismantle it all and that's it?
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