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Boosted Americans Are Still So Baselessly Scared That Even the NYT Can’t Believe It

2022.01.26 10:44 Quiet_Possession Boosted Americans Are Still So Baselessly Scared That Even the NYT Can’t Believe It

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2022.01.26 10:44 Igobet Dallas Mavericks vs Golden State Warriors Full Game Highlights | January 25 | 2022 NBA Season

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2022.01.26 10:44 Pavel-Romanov A Russian couple, WWI era - Colorized by Klimbim.

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2022.01.26 10:44 lil_miri07 About trevors look

i watched movie yedterday and there were jack nicholsson in main role and i couldnt think about any other thing but how similiar he is with trevot so
View Poll
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2022.01.26 10:44 MeatEater46 Är inte årets blomma ruggigt likt något vi sett tidigare?😆🤔

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2022.01.26 10:44 Justbestrongok Daycare with part time options?

I have tried calling a few with no luck, does anyone have a daycare for an infant they would recommend that offers 2 or 3 days a week option?
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2022.01.26 10:44 Smooth-Function-1565 Shepard Fairey aka OBEY at the Wunderkammern in Rome

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2022.01.26 10:44 CardLakeFiction Got my fancy dress on! 🥰💕 Anyone else looking forward to the weekend? 😅

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2022.01.26 10:44 FlashingKing CPU overheating

All of a sudden my computer (specifically the CPU) starting running hot. To the point that my computer has even shut down mid-use on a couple occasions. I have not changed the position of the computer, nor has anything in the environment changed (air conditioning the same, etc). I'm doing the same things on it that I've always done. Have had it now for about 2 years. Specs are below:

Anyone have any ideas for what I should look for here? Should I try to add a fan? Change the motherboard?
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2022.01.26 10:44 ABlindManPlays The Griffin Found New Employment!

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2022.01.26 10:44 lvlvlemonpants Facing my shadows

This might be long - sorry. I just don’t know who to talk to.
I’ve been having a really hard week. On the 14th I lost my job and then my daughter got Covid a couple days later. 🇨🇦 so I do get some pay to be home with her. Which was probably a weird blessing. She’s doing really well now. Just not allowed back to school till the 28th. (I’m a barber. So nothing from my pay checks went to taxes. So I can’t get EI.)
To clarify, I had many repeat clients and as my bosses clients got to know me they liked me (socially). The circumstances surrounding my lay off were very arbitrary. “You just aren’t aware of yourself. I don’t like how you do this (insert something that can be fixed with leadership)” my boss totally fucking love bombed me for 2 months and then the last month it was like a switch flipped and I was walking on eggshells. I really believed he was trying to figure out how to run his company better, and in turn he just projected all his crap onto me. So, I saw the end coming. I prepared myself mentally. I reached out to other shops in my area (all full) and have made preparations to go solo when our quarantine is over.
As high excited as my mood will get about working for myself. I also swing super low depressed. Tired of being at home. Cabin fever. And just only being faced with replaying my situation over and over again. I went over it with my therapist and she said there’s no way I could have done anything different. That it wasn’t my fault. But I still think it IS my fault. Sometimes I get comments from others (partners usually) saying that I’m not aware of myself or I don’t act proper.
And honestly I don’t even know how to change myself. I told my partner last night that because of the tight religious way my parents raised me, I didn’t know how to talk to people when I went to college. Which isolated me and got me into trouble with a guy that led me to being a shut in for several years. I have tried so hard the last 8 years to evolve and adapt socially for the sake of my daughters wellbeing. But I still constantly fuck up. I just want to have an amazing career but it’s like every time I try at something grander than being a cashier I just get doors slammed in my face because of my “personality”.
I want to still be able to evolve. I’m afraid of becoming like my nmom who decided one day that she wasn’t going to let anyone make her feel guilty. (So now basically she doesn’t have a conscious)
If you made it to the end. Thanks. You’re rad.
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2022.01.26 10:44 pepeGRIZZLY Ferran - ONE SHOT (Official Music Video)

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2022.01.26 10:44 typo-the-dog r/SirSnickersnee Ready for the battle comrades.

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2022.01.26 10:44 Peril2 People who used to do terrible things to people online, what did you do and why'd you stop?

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2022.01.26 10:44 st_mantas [Story] How I became the Head Copywriter at a $20M+ company without copywriting experience (motivational letter + breakdown)

Note! This is a personal story meant to inspire someone who might be struggling with a career choice or an application for a job they think is above them to take the leap. While this is about copywriting, I think the same principles can be applied to most creative positions (and beyond). Everyone deserves a dream job!
Prelude Around a year ago, on a Wednesday, I was browsing Facebook at my desk to kill some time until 5 PM. I had been doing that almost daily for the past 3 months.
I was a mid-level web designer at a reputable digital agency in my 4th year. And it was fine.
The pay was fine. The team was fine. The management was fine. The complementary Friday morning doughnuts were fine.
I just didn’t want to be a designer.
I was good at it, sure. As good as one gets by repeatedly doing something daily. “Teach a man to fish,” you know?
But I was sick of fishing. And the worst part—I had no idea what else I wanted to do. I was stuck in a rat race with a finish line I no longer cared for.
So on that faithful brain-numbing Facebook session, my eyes grew 3x when I saw the headline:
“We're looking for a creative copywriter (English)”
Remember when I said I didn’t know what I wanted to do? I did. I had simply let go of that idea as unfeasible.
The idea of writing for money.
I wrote short stories in school. Took a crack at blogging as a teenager. Freelanced as an SEO ghostwriter during university. Wrote social media posts and articles for companies I worked at in positions unrelated to writing…
But it was never serious.
Eventually, I started playing around with design. It instantly brought in more money. I loved writing, but I wasn’t going to sacrifice a comfortable life because of it.
I stopped looking for copywriting opportunities and moved on. Then, the opportunity presented itself.
That Wednesday, I left work early and ran home. I had to write a motivational letter that would sell me all on its own. Because when it came to copywriting experience, my CV was worth fuck all.
How to sell something you don’t have No successful Facebook ads. No landing pages with stunning conversion rates. No newsletters with jaw-dropping open rates.
I had nothing.
On top of that, there were more qualified candidates out there. Ones with shining CVs and recommendations from prestigious advertising agencies.
Not to mention native English speakers.
(If you’ve noticed some confusion with tenses in this post, it’s because I’m not one)
I had a handful of old SEO articles, a couple of design-related blog posts, some ramblings on Medium, and various pieces of copy from my side project.
When your goods aren’t impressive, make an impressive delivery.
Here's the original letter I sent them. Let's break it down.
The job post was for an English copywriter but written in my native tongue. Naturally, one would apply using the same language as the job description, but I decided to write my letter in English. It would make me stand out and prove my credibility in one go.
Next, I hesitated with the tone. Should I make it formal or “as I talk”? Again, I wanted to stand out. Get my foot in the door.
So, instead of the usual
“Dear Sir or Madam”
I wrote a looser

“Hello, person in charge of recruitment at Burga!”
I followed it up with a quick explanation for why I’m bugging them
My name is Mantas, and I’m going to try and convince you I’m the best choice for the copywriter job.
And why this letter is in English
My mother tongue is Lithuanian, but my brain is English. Since the position will have me prove I can muster up a sentence with native fluency, I figured, “Why not start with this letter?”
I could’ve skipped this part, but I wanted to create contrast. A native English speaker that’s fluent in English isn’t impressive. A foreigner that is turns heads.
Immediately after, I hit them with a list of everything I’ve got:
The following is a sample of my writing style.
Some blog posts I wrote for the company I currently work at (three of them are ghostwritten):
The client hates your design. Now what?
How Can You Improve Your UX with Micro-interactions?
5 surefire ways to break your creative block
Read these 3 books to instantly boost your design game by 10,433%
Some of my early writings on Medium (a bit edgy, but more creative and loose):
For the love of God, write it down!
On Broken Phones and Eye-openings
A (not so) brief overview of branding, Part 1: The ‘You must be fun at parties’
A side project I originally started on Instagram:
Setup Scout (website)
Setup Scout (IG account)
Notice how I don’t hide that this is simply an example of my writing style. I don’t try to sugar-coat it or twist it into “experience.” There isn’t any. I lean into what I have.
I wrote the articles I linked to. Don’t try to pass something that doesn’t belong to you as your own. That would be taking “fake it ‘till you make it” a step too far.
The last part is the cherry on top. I’ve provided everything that’s relevant. Now it’s time to “show initiative” with qualifications and traits no one asked for.
First, my design experience.
Although currently I occupy a UI Designer position in a digital agency, management often turns to me for writing jobs. That gives me a rare opportunity to touch upon both – design and copy.
Since Burga is an E-commerce brand, I believe my experience in close knit relationships between the two disciplines would prove most useful.
On its own, design seems utterly irrelevant in applying for a copywriting position. The trick is to bridge that gap—show how this experience benefits the company. Provide a unique perspective that no one else has. That’s your ace.
Lastly, the personal quality that’s a must for a Creative Copywriter—creativity.
On top of that, creative thinking is basically my hobby. Before Setup Scout (the side project mentioned earlier) there were a number of other ventures I pursued. Finding connections between seemingly unrelated topics is my Rubik’s cube and crossword puzzles rolled up into one.
Creativity is in no way a unique trait in the advertising industry, but you can’t skip it. I love creative thinking/brainstorming/idea generation. But so does the next copywriter. I was lucky to have a real-life example to back my claim. Be sure to have one of your own.
My wife suggested the last part. She reasoned that if the friendly and informal approach fails, they’ll at least have my LinkedIn for future reference.
For a more chronological view of my work experience please visit my LinkedIn page.
The outcome A reply came the same day, in exactly 3 hours 22 minutes.
Your style is exactly what we’re looking for!
I shit you not.
We had a few calls. I had to complete a test assignment. The rest is history. We recently hired our third copywriter—the Marketing department has been growing like crazy.
Everything I didn’t have at the time of applying for this position, I learned on the job. Reading books, watching courses, attending seminars. Copywriting is definitely something you can learn if you have a knack for writing.
The problem is figuring out what material is worth your time. Much of what’s out there is either outdated, out of touch, or simply too vague to apply in the real world.
I've recently rediscovered Twitter. You can follow me there as I share bite-sized, conversion-focused copywriting tips that are proven to work-I test each one myself. Use them to land a sweet gig or sprinkle some onto your business.
Thank you for reading, I hope you found this useful (or at least entertaining). If you have any questions—shoot. I’ll give it my best to answer as soon as possible.
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2022.01.26 10:44 Pretty-Mortgage7486 How to upgrade mink?

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2022.01.26 10:44 necropolaris Ghost Besitary Entry 3 -- Phantom! Updated, now with less copycat shenanigans.

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2022.01.26 10:44 DarkLordNugget Evolution of Kyou Kai's character design throughout her age (inspired by u/_9gag's post)

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2022.01.26 10:44 iamfreddy94 I know it's tempting but i'd suggest not doing the ligue 1 upgrades, guaranteed totw pack

40 packs down the drain and 2x navas only
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2022.01.26 10:44 Theclash160 Vanguard three fund portfolio - have VTSAX and VTIAX, missing VBTLX

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2022.01.26 10:44 Thirumaranrag Landing page

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2022.01.26 10:44 IntelligentMinute287 ANIMALS DON'T DESERVE US (T-SHIRTS AND A LOT MORE)

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2022.01.26 10:44 forcelliott Little Green HODLinghood and the 3 Red Flags (I was almost scammed out of all my ETH)

Little Green HODLinghood and the 3 Red Flags Preface I consider myself a fairly tech savvy person compared to the average bear. I've helped plenty of boomers in my office with Excel spreadsheets and I have a fair grasp on Crypto and the tech behind it. I'm nothing special, but I'm not a rock either.
I have read on this sub >1000 times "Beware of scammers in your DMs", "Don't send your BTC away with a promise of it being double and returned to you" etc etc. I usually scoff to myself (foolishly) "I would never fall for the likes of that" or similar.
Last night, I followed and messaged a scammer on a popular social media app, put a link in my Metamask browser, and was moments away from sending 0.6 ETH for what I thought were early access NFTs. Let me break down what happened, so it doesn't happen to you. For the record I have not owned or traded an NFT before. Below I'll break down the three red flags and how they slipped by me:
🚩#1: Account looked legitimate, but had small mistakes I follow an NFT page on a popular social media platform by a really talented digital artist, and last night, they followed me out of the blue. I went to the page and noticed I didn't follow them. This should have been my first 🚩, but the page looked identical and I was overwhelmed thinking I might have won a giveaway or early access that I followed them back without thinking.
Looking back, the account was missing a letter from the original, and the follower to following ratio was way off (but both were still believable enough to slip by me in the heat of the moment).
OG Account has ~80k followers and ~10 following
Scam Account had ~15k followers and ~6k following
🚩#2: Pre-release date didn't match previously announced info The story on this page indicated a pre-release of 777 NFTs, starting last night, and to DM to secure a spot. I understood the pre-release would be January 28th, but "this is a volatile market" and "things change quickly". So thinking I was getting on early, I DM'd them and was given a '.xyz' link and told to paste in my Metamask browser, where I could connect my wallet and purchase.
🚩#3: Price too good to be true At this point dollar signs had clouded my eyes. The page on Metamask indicated the presale mints were going at .2 ETH each! The dollar signs grew, and I was determined to transfer my ETH from my ledger to Metamask to make the purchase. This didn't match the hype, I expected a much more expensive NFT, but "this is a volatile market" and "things change quickly" so maybe with the drop in ETH, they're shaking things up and I'm truly lucky to get on early.
I couldn't believe I was doing it, I was going to be an NFT owner. I would have a piece of amazing digital art, something cool and valuable to bring with me when the inevitable, mighty metaverse takes over the world and we slowly become the humans from Wall-E (....jk....unless?)
The Saving Grace I have a habit of closing apps on my mobile. Not minimizing- when I went back to the social media app, I searched the account again to take a look at the info to make sure I had it right and that it wasn't a scam.
Two accounts came up in my search. I noticed the typos, and saw the OG account had not followed me. I was not lucky. I broke into a cold sweat thinking I had just been a tiny hair away from sending most of my ETH to a scammer on Metamask.
Had I not done this, I would have lost that ETH and been extremely butthurt.
The Takeaway If things seem too good to be true, 99.9% of the time, they are.
If you notice that you're getting wound up and feel yourself standing at the precipice of the potential of making money- step back, try to uncloud yourself and take a good, long, hard look at what you're about to do.
Thank you for taking the time to read this, hopefully it helps if you ever find yourself in a similar situation.

TL;DR Was seconds away from scammed out of my bag of ETH from a fake NFT page due to (primarily) greed and "this is a volatile market", "things change quickly" sentiment. 3 red flags slipped by me. Was saved by a habit of closing apps and noticing discrepancies at the last minute.
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2022.01.26 10:44 Puzzleheaded_Host372 Rant

Its midnight. As I’m drifting to sleep, someone’s door slams. 5 minutes later, someone says “how are you!” “Have a good night!” in an unnecessarily exaggeratedly animated tone at that time.
Housing sucks for people trying to sleep early (which is anytime before midnight). Honestly, housing should be arranged such that the whole floor sleeps at around the same time, and this issue will be solved.
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2022.01.26 10:44 Cielorojo7 Distance between storehouses and houses

There's any area of influence (or so) that is too far from other buildings/houses? or settlers will go to the next one whatever it is? About wells, settlers jist pick the water they need from there, or do I need take it to the food storehouse?
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