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Secret Cave In Setubal, Portugal 2022

Drambuie / d r æ m ˈ b uː i / is a golden-coloured, 40% ABV liqueur made from Scotch whisky, heather honey, herbs and spices. The brand was owned by the MacKinnon family for a hundred years but was bought by William Grant & Sons in 2014. Uruguayan striker Luis Suarez is being linked with a move to Major League Soccer in the United States.. According to El Nacional, the legendary forward is leaving Atletico Madrid when his contract ... Peanut Butter Cups: Wines with some sweetness and nuttiness are the secret here, including Madeira, Marsala and Amontillado/Oloroso Sherry. Caramel Chocolates: Wines aged with oxidation, including Tawny Port (20 years and over) and Moscatel de Setubal. Chocolate Mint: Try a single-varietal Syrah, Touriga Nacional, or Petite Sirah Port. O secretário-geral do PSD mostrou-se esta segunda-feira convicto de que a dois de fevereiro vai terminar "o pesadelo" do caso das presenças fantasma no parlamento com a sua "absolvição" no julgamento, enquanto o presidente do partido desvalorizou este assunto. "Timber" is a song by American rapper Pitbull featuring American singer Kesha. The song was released on October 7, 2013, as the lead single from Pitbull's extended play (EP) Meltdown EP.The song was produced by Dr. Luke, Cirkut, and Sermstyle, with additional production by Nick Seeley. The song interpolates Lee Oskar's 1978 single "San Francisco Bay" and features harmonica player Paul ... Please, stay alive! At least for tonight.James Bond On Her Majesty's Secret Service is the sixth film in the James Bond film series, and the only Bond film to star George Lazenby as Bond. It was released in 1969 and was a critical and commercial success but Lazenby felt Bond would soon be outdated so he stepped out of his 7-film contract. In the film, James Bond woos a mob boss's daughter and ...

2022.01.26 11:19 Freedoomsy Secret Cave In Setubal, Portugal 2022

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2022.01.26 11:19 ckkuban «Неизвестные хотели написать «Патриот» на двери председателя Госдумы Володина, но было слишком сложно выбрать дверь - между особняком за ₽400 млн и тремя квартирами - за ₽190 млн, ₽260 млн и ₽420 млн».

«Неизвестные хотели написать «Патриот» на двери председателя Госдумы Володина, но было слишком сложно выбрать дверь - между особняком за ₽400 млн и тремя квартирами - за ₽190 млн, ₽260 млн и ₽420 млн». submitted by ckkuban to ckkubanrus [link] [comments]

2022.01.26 11:19 Welmalcolm Join regice raid 8739 2376 2740

8739 2376 2740
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2022.01.26 11:19 indiaviews Sri Narasimha Temple at Joshimath, near to Badrinath.

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2022.01.26 11:19 Ok_Grass_5319 Feeling very protective of my wife

Hey guys I don't know if it's for everyone or I'm just different but I do get scenarios in my head off someone touching my wife in a sexual way and at that moment I feel a very strong feeling of furious like it's taking over my body like I want to rip anyone who gets near my wife into pieces and I think it's little disturbing my natural flow of thoughts because this is just scenario I'm imagining what do i do is this normal
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2022.01.26 11:19 MANYpro THE SHAPE 2

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2022.01.26 11:19 JavierComunicare Presentation of myself

Hi everyone, I'm Javier Abad, a student of Business Administration and Management, specializing in marketing.
I am delighted to join this community and to be able to expand my knowledge in SEO positioning, SaaS, IH... I am very excited to grow both personally and professionally and I would like to learn a lot of knowledge and aspects of marketing that I still don't know. I am eager to increase my learning of these technological businesses that are the future of the economy and the more knowledge I have, the greater the possibility of success. And of course I would like to share my knowledge to help whoever needs it.
Very proud to belong to the community!
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2022.01.26 11:19 RookieMistake2021 What’s your spirit animal?

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2022.01.26 11:19 EverythingSam Naming you’re first child

Would you be comfortable with naming your first child the same name as your partners late spouse, if they had to ask?
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2022.01.26 11:19 CatsAreDoughs When you got a team full of slayers.

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2022.01.26 11:19 CommunicationOk1162 How do I convince my mom to let me wear nail polish?

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2022.01.26 11:19 thebestiptvman Best I.P.T.V [H] For Sport PPV and Live | VOD Movies & Series|24 Hours Free trial![W] PayPal & CC

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2022.01.26 11:19 RLCD-Bot [Animus GP] [Purple Animus GP: Odd Fish] [Black OEM]

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2022.01.26 11:19 SpiderRedd XG Mobile 3080 Ti and 3070 Ti?

So this is a direct question to ASUS about the XG Mobile. When I saw the Flow Z13, I was really excited, as it would be a great upgrade personally from my R7 3800X and 2070 SUPER, as well as my M1 iPad Pro. The only problem is that the XG Mobile has only been updated for AMD GPUs. This is great, but I think there is a missed opportunity here to improve the performance of the Z13 and X13.
Bonus Question: Does the USB-C port allow for the extra USB ports, or can it also be used for the bandwidth of the GPU? Because if so, there is a missed opportunity to turn the USB 3.1 into a USB4 port and make the bandwidth 100Gbps.
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2022.01.26 11:19 Subieworx Smart lights linked to Next Thermostat driving me nuts!

Somehow at sometime I linked the smart lights in my home to the motion sensor on my Nest thermostat. I remember it asking me about this a couple years ago and if I wanted to do it and I thought it would be a good way to make sure the lights were off when we left the house. What I have come to find out is this feature is annoying and driving me nuts! Thermostat is centered in the house so if I am in the basement for example for a period of time the thermostat doesn't see activity and turns all the lights off. A real pain if I am in the middle of working on something.
I would like to keep the thermostat sensing motion for controlling temp, but would like to unlink the lights from this feature. Problem is I cannot find any way to do this.
Anyone know how this can be done?
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2022.01.26 11:19 Heavy_Head2 missing you, always

Dear you,
I miss you. Things are easier nowadays but I still think of what we could have been everyday. My headspace is a lot clearer, though, some days it feels like I’m drowning. I blame myself just as you say you blamed me. I realize where I went wrong but it’s too late to change that.
I can’t spend my whole life dwelling on that yet here I am. We both messed up in a lot of ways. We tried to be there for each other when we needed it. My own insecurities drove us apart.
What I miss most is you being there. Being close to someone who I wasn’t afraid to be honest with. Having you there made sense. It also seemed too good to be true and in a lot of ways I guess it was.
I hope you hang in there, however you’re doing these days. I won’t forget anything we’ve shared. As cliche as it sounds, no matter what I will always care about you.

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2022.01.26 11:19 asearchforyou A Christmas Letter Archive Near St. John's Kirche in Santa Claus, Indiana

The following sample is a tiny fictional taste of hundreds of thousands of letters now archived in a small town in Indiana that once tried (and failed) to name itself Santa Fe. These archives document the hopes and dreams and vulnerabilities of parents and children around the world beginning around 1930. (The letters continue to the present day.)

December 13, 2015
I'm not sure I believe in you, but my little sister is writing and mother says I should too. Anyway, I want a hover board. One that doesn't blow up.

December 2, 1995
How are you? Busy!? I bet you are. But Santa... I have so many questions. Like how do you get in if my doors are locked and there is a fire in the fireplace? Have you ever set off a smoke alarm? Do your reindeer actually like carrots? I leave some out for your herd, of course. Blitzen, especially. I love Blitzen. I also have cookies, real milk, and almond milk. Are you lactose intolerant? There's no shame in that if you are. Many people around the world can't stomach dairy. They don't have a gene or something. Besides, dairy is kinda gross. Let's be real, it's REALLY gross!!! But I like ice cream. Do you? I imagine you must on the North Pole. Maybe peppermint? It would go well with the sugar cookies my mom leaves out for you. I caught my dad eating one once. He swore he would never do it again! I think he might eat another this year too. I'll be watching. I'll let you know if he does.

December 4, 1974
I have been good. My sisters have been good. My mother, though, she is a mess. She's often drunk and always at the slots. Sometimes she comes home with money and buys us stuff. Pizza from Pizza Hut and clothes from the nice stores at the mall. Is that how you get your toys to give away? Do you flirt with the men who count cards? Are you able to use your Christmas Magic at the roulette table? Have you ever been thrown out on the street? All your boxes and belongings on the side of the road in the rain?

December 9, 1936
If there are some toys left over after you care for the least of us, I wouldn't mind a toy too. Please take care of the ones in need first, however. My parents and I have more than enough. Still, if you can spare it, I would like some new underwear and a nice cotton dress. My mother and grandmother would likely want the same. Just perhaps not the toy.
Nancy Elaine Stewart

November 17, 2001
Thank you for continuing to read and respond to all of our letters. I know your hearts must be saddened by the unthinkable terror attacks in New York and Washington DC this year, and I know you must be afraid of anthrax as well. That's what terror does, right? It makes even a letter from a child to Santa Claus appear life threatening and potentially nefarious.
Well, this letter at least isn't a danger to you, and I want you to know that I see how important your volunteer service is for all of us in difficult times. I see your commitment, I see your faith, and I appreciate your hard work. Thank you for your helping our children to believe!
With Love,
A Buddhist Father with Swans on His Tree in Japan
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2022.01.26 11:19 Unusual-Ad6693 Crysis 4 Teaser Trailer

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2022.01.26 11:19 Saving_Throw_Studios GMS2: Dynamic Shadows and bobbing items in 4 minutes. An easy way to add some extra juice to your game! Hope it helps and I look forward to the feedback :)

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2022.01.26 11:19 Agima [100% OFF] Python,Flask Framework And Django Course For Beginners (4 days or 560 registrations left)

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2022.01.26 11:19 S12be2 External hard drive lost all data?

Hello everyone, I'm using an external hardrive to save some private pictures, videos etc. The hard drive was working perfectly fine but since 3 days it doesn't show any data when I plug it in to my Mac. The hard drive gets detected, I have to enter my password but there are no files shown on the drive while the the disk manager says that 452 GB of the 1 TB are in use. When I try to run first aid via Disk Utility I get the Error Code "49244 Activation failed".
What I already tried: -plugin the external to other PCs (Windows and Mac) -> also shows no data -scan the data with a recovery tool -> tool finds the data but to recover it I need a expensive license -start the MacOS Recovery and try to run the first aid in safety mode -> same error message
What I noticed which seems kinda odd the volume is in the APFS-format according to the disk manager. During my research I read that APFS can't be read on a Windows PC without extra software but I have used the hardrive also on Windows PCs before.
Anyone knows a solution for my problem? Or in case the data has to be a recovered a cheap but reliable software? Thanks in advance.
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