Should I swap cars with my dad?

2021.11.30 14:38 TootieFruit7 Should I swap cars with my dad?

I bought a 2012 Chevy Equinox a little over a year ago for $7,500 and it currently has nearly 159,000 miles. I've had to put at least $4,000 in repairs since getting it. I love to drive it and exterior and interior wise it is in good condition. I pay $250 a month it. I have 2 years left.
My dad has a 2012 Dodge Ram 1500 Longhorn that has I believe around 160,000 miles too. He got it for $18,000.He hasn't had too many issues with it. It runs strong and everything. I love it. I went with him to check it out and we had said we'd share it, but he changed his mind so I was left a bit salty for awhile because it is what I've always wanted for a truck. He pays $270 a month for it. He has 3 years left.
Anyway, he's been having issues getting in and out of it as of late. He mentioned yesterday to me about swapping cars. He said it kind of jokingly, but I do believe he is serious. I love driving it, but not parking it and my dad is quite a mess and I don't want to. See him trash my current car so for these reasons I'm hesitant which I shouldn't be about the interior....
However, in the long run, which do you feel would be the better option? I hate parking the thing (not always just depends on where I'm at), but I feel like it'd give me less issues and run longer than my Equinox. Gas milage sucks for a truck, but I also don't drive every day either so it isn't a major issue.
Thoughts? My sister thinks I should take the truck...
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2021.11.30 14:38 DefiantDrawing45 For you

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2021.11.30 14:38 hklaisis Looking for a cub

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2021.11.30 14:38 Skull_Reaper101 Girls, why are you even here???!! like wtf

You aren't even realll!!!
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2021.11.30 14:38 TipsyMJT Went to yosemite this last weekend and caught a really beautiful sight

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2021.11.30 14:38 SelectiveSanity Scalpers Are Selling ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ Tickets for Absurd Prices

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2021.11.30 14:38 i_hate_people_too i wish they wouldve talked about joes other husband JC Hartpence...

why did they NEVER talk about his other husband, JC Hartpence, who was a convicted pedophile, and is now in prison for life for murdering someone??
that wouldve fit in this wacky-ass show perfectly!
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2021.11.30 14:38 ApontteXII Umm...

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2021.11.30 14:38 Toffutipunani She’s happy and she’s showin it!🎉

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2021.11.30 14:38 NoahM10 [Jolly] Rookidee, F, 6

- Ditto Requested: Jolly
- Pokémon Deposited: Rookidee
- Nickname: NoahM10
- Pokeball: Quick Ball
- Gender: Female
- Level: 6
- Home name: NoahM10
- GTS Message: Please trade Pokemon with me. Thanks in advance.
- Game Language: English
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2021.11.30 14:38 lecarrotte DM if you wanna slay my ass!!

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2021.11.30 14:38 LoseitLatte What's your favourite barrier to a romantic relationship?

Many written romances have some element that stops them from immediately being in a relationship that creates conflict. Maybe one character has a vice that stops them until they grow, the plot stands in the way, they start out hating each other, etc.
What are your favourite barriers to a written romantic relationship? What have you written or read?
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2021.11.30 14:38 Meme-name A fan art of Yuji I did. Hope you guys like it.

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2021.11.30 14:38 ale4robin $MOGO has invested over $400 million recently in Gemini and the Metaverse also in the future of gaming looks like discord groups and others on social media are loading up for the spike. I am now fully invested in this one along with all others! About to go green and looking for the big bounce!

$MOGO has invested over $400 million recently in Gemini and the Metaverse also in the future of gaming looks like discord groups and others on social media are loading up for the spike. I am now fully invested in this one along with all others! About to go green and looking for the big bounce! submitted by ale4robin to wallstreetbets [link] [comments]

2021.11.30 14:38 thepersianator New plumbing in house, all faucets look like watered down milk

We’ve been remodeling our home, and part of it was repiping everything. We’ve replaced from the main and everything else with copper, and drains are cast iron. Now that we’ve put in fixtures and started running the water, it all comes out cloudy. It looks like very watered down milk. Our area is known to have hard water, but don’t think to this extent. It start out clear for the first second or two then goes white. Most results I could find claim it’s just water bubbles within the water. If I let the bottle sit for some time, I don’t see sediment at the bottom. So if it is bubbles, I’m not sure why so much. Any advice on how to smooth it out and what could be the cause?
Water pic
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2021.11.30 14:38 SolidAsAlphabetSoup By The Numbers: Shazam! vs King Arthur

To accompany my recent [Teams Power Rankings](), here's how Shazam! and King Arthur match up against each other, stats wise, based on each of their last respective three matches (the totality of King Arthur's career thus far.) Here's how things stack up:

  1. King Arthur: 3-0. Beat Final Exam, Deception, and Press Room via TKO.
  2. Shazam!: 3-0. Beat Odder Couple, Korruption, and Lightning Time via KO.
Both Shazam! and King Arthur are 3-0 in their last 3 matches. Based on the opponent list, however, I give the slight edge to King Arthur (I realize this might be controversial.) Overall, however, I don't think there's a huge gap between the level of competition of the opponents that these teams have faced recently. Both are also coming off of a knock out win.
Round 1:
  1. Shazam!: 94.23% PPE + Accuracy
  2. King Arthur: 82.00% PPE + Accuracy
We're starting out with a notable advantage for Shazam! who is known for jumpstarting their matches with large leads thanks to Round 1. Over the past three matches, Meyer is averaging 8.3 points and Bibbiani is averaging 8 points in Round 1. Comparatively, Newms is averaging 8.3 points and Kan is averaging 5.3 points in Round 1. I think King Arthur will need to really make sure they don't fall too far behind in this round (using JTEs would be well worth it I think.)
Round 2:
  1. Shazam!: 92.50% PPE + 95.45% Accuracy
  2. King Arthur: 80.56% PPE + 88.89% Accuracy
Here we have another notable lead in favor of Shazam! King Arthur has spun Opponent's Choice once (Shazam! has not spun it at all,) while neither team has spun Spinner's Choice. On top of hitting more points, Shazam! has the history of being successful in a wider breadth of categories as well. I expect King Arthur to be able to keep up with Shazam! in this round, but this is another instance where the onus will be on Arthur.
Betting Round:
  1. Shazam!: 100% PPE + Accuracy
  2. King Arthur: 100% PPE + Accuracy
Both teams have gone perfect in all Betting Rounds in their past three matches. Shazam! has played in three while King Arthur has played in one, meaning Shazam! gets the edge here. King Arthur bet 3 in their Betting Round while Shazam!'s bets have ranged from 1-3 over the course of their Betting Round career (where they are currently 6/7 in Betting Round questions.) This will be interesting to see, however, as it could end up giving Arthur the edge they need. I think Meyer and Bibbs have greater combined knowledge, but I think Newms may be the strongest player in the match, so a high difficulty level question may turn things.
Buzzer Round:
  1. Shazam!: 40.00% PPE + 100% Accuracy
  2. King Arthur: N/A
Shazam! has played in two Buzzer Rounds in their past 3 matches while King Arthur has played in none. In those Buzzer Rounds, Bibbs correctly hit 3 questions while Meyer correctly hit 1 question (no incorrect answers were given from Shazam!.) The best evidence we have with King Arthur is their Fast Money round where they went perfect. This round is hard to call and thus an opportunity for King Arthur to stay in the game or even pull ahead. I do give the edge to Shazam!, however, for familiarity with the Round and the fact that, in the entirety of their career, Shazam! has only ever been outscored in the Buzzer Round once.
Final Round:
  1. King Arthur: 100.00% PPE + 100.00% Accuracy
  2. Shazam!: 75.00% PPE + 83.33% Accuracy
Both Shazam! and King Arthur have played in two Final Rounds in their past 3 matches and each team has been asked six questions in those rounds. King Arthur went perfect while Shazam! missed one 5-Pointer (though they still went on to win that match.) Kan and Meyer have both taken the 2-Pointer both times while Newms and Bibbs have both taken the 3-Pointer both times. The 5-Pointer is make or break in a lot of these high level matches and Arthur has yet to miss. Given the overall career sample pool, however, I don't think it's necessarily smart to bank on Shazam! missing their 5-Pointer (especially when they've won despite missing it before.) Even so, Shazam! missing their 5 still might be the most realistic way for King Arthur to win.
Sudden Death: 1. Shazam!: 78.57% PPE + Accuracy
  1. King Arthur: N/A
Shazam! has played in one Sudden Death where they collectively hit 11/14 questions, with Bibbs going 6/7 and Meyer going 5/7. King Arthur has yet to play in a Sudden Death round. Based on knowledge alone, I'd give the edge to Shazam! here if things come to this.
To round things up, here's how each team has done overall in their past respective three matches, accounting only for rounds that will be live at Spectacular (so no Fast Money) and rounds that both teams have competed in (so no Sudden Death or Buzzer Round:)
  1. Shazam!: 90.83% PPE + 93.98% Accuracy
  2. King Arthur: 85.32% PPE + 85.33% Accuracy
So King Arthur isn't exactly looking like a sitting duck, but just about everything weighs in favor of Shazam! here.
My Prediction: My personal prediction is Shazam! taking the W. I think Newms will shine and may even be the only one to go 9/9 in Round 1, but I expect Shazam! to take a lead after Round 1 and not let go of it. I think Arthur's best shot is a Betting Round swing and/or a Shazam! 5-Pointer miss, neither of which I'd feel safe betting on.
What do you think each team will need to do to pull out the W on Saturday?
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2021.11.30 14:38 Meepers100 Medieval manuscript waste bindings are among my favorites to acquire. This particular binding houses a 17th century edition of Matthias Fabers' collection of funeral and wedding sermons.

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2021.11.30 14:38 Saint_Eugene_Sims Present Time

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2021.11.30 14:38 Fearless-Nose-5991 Fuk Em 6 more tickets for the moon. Gonna DRS another 100 shares too.

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2021.11.30 14:38 Snapships4life Not sure if I discovered this, but...

Do the "good guy" emote, and before it does the "have a great day" part, walk away. Ultimate death. You straight up walk up to them, they expect a nice greeting, then you hit em with a "Don't have a good day" And you walk away.
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2021.11.30 14:38 WhenInRomero Are one of these store bought Gen 3s fake?

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2021.11.30 14:38 subaru_natsuki337 My 2g of dxm ploi trip report

All right bear with me I'm going to tell this the best I can because I don't remember much.
Trip start time ~9pm and it lasted till like ~5am I have no sense of time when I was high so that's that best I can do with actual times
So I went to the store and got some delsym extended release I drank it in the car because I was waiting on a friend to get out of the liquor store, forgot how much, but I remember I got home and did the math to see how much dxm I did only to find out I drank 2g of dxm poli. I'm like alright I guess it's gonna be a fun night and long so I also popped 5mg of Xanax cause fuck it why not? Told my friend and she just said ok, but looked up the dose I took and started reading about it for 10min maybe? Then looks over and asks how I'm feeling, tell her I'm feeling pretty good, I could feel the dxm kicking in and she said ok just be careful from what I read you took enough to OD and then left to give a friend a ride. Well not long after she left it hit me like a truck and was freaking out from what she said so I thought to myself how can I kill this trip? Oh Xanax is a trip killer for psychedelics maybe it will work with dxm? Forgetting all the Xanax I took earlier lol, so I ran and grabbed 2mg of Xanax and took it. I must have done this multiple times because i had 30 .5mg xans (script) and when my friend got back I was chilling on the couch watching the same movie over and over lol, when my friend checked how many xans left there were only 4 so I took 13mg of Xanax 2g of dxm poli and just sat there sedated as fuck till I was sober enough to remember things ~3:30am so I rewatch the movie again because it was a movie I actually wanted to watch and then went to bed.
And I don't remember when but I do remember I kept insisting that we get some coke or speed and I just wanted to snort something anything, apparently I kept bugging my friend to get her plug and get some of these drugs. Which is weird because I have never done those drugs and have no desire to do them, I understand the want to snort something though because I like when my nose has that burn which is also weird lol.
Sorry for the wall if text and if it's hard to follow I'm not the best at telling stories but wanted to share I'll answer an non identifying questions that I can
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2021.11.30 14:38 lMedixl Team advice

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2021.11.30 14:38 DONP4CHEE Sulyvahn the Tyrant

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