how did you come up with your depop name?

2021.11.29 19:52 gingeralewhore_ how did you come up with your depop name?

if your username is not your name, how did you come up with a named? i have one currently but if i ever want to expand my business in the future, it’s not super unique. how did you pick yours?
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2021.11.29 19:52 TheDarkAlicorn How does Gender, Pregnancy, and puberty work among Starfire's people (Tamaraneans)?

I had a few questions about the Tameranean people(Starfire's species). As far as I could find the comics, and cartoons never really gave clear answers about Starfires people, and that's kinda disappointing. I was hoping that someone may know something I don't. Any relevant information is helpful, even if it's only like adjacent to being relevant feel free to share it, I'd love to know anything more really.

  1. Is gender supposed to be relatively 1:1 with how humans do things? I mean do they have a strong sense of gender roles? Are the men supposed to be warriors, or is that a woman's job in their culture, or does it not matter? Who is supposed to raise their young? I couldn't help but notice that in the cartoon all the men were morbidly obese & bearded, and all the girls appeared to be 14, and wore mini-skirts, and croptops, that is different in the comics.
  2. How does pregnancy work? Do they lay eggs, or, live birth? Maybe they do the thing seahorses do where the men give birth for some reason. Have we ever even seen a pregnant Tamaranean? I'm not even sure if we've ever even seen a Tamaranean child, Starfire herself is 156 years old In Tamaranean years, but I don't know what that translates to in human years.
  3. How does puberty work? So I know Starfire formed a chrysalis and was almost eaten by another alien. The fact that thats even possible alone suggests starfires people are more insect then anything. But then Blackfire only had to be Purple for 2 days? Is there a standard? I have to assume the chrysalis aspect has to be relatively normal sense the Cironielian Chrysalis Eater saw a Tamaranean going through puberty and thought to itself hey I'm gonna go eat me some Chrysalis, so like it knew what to expect.
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2021.11.29 19:52 a_name_for_reddit I am insane. But I have found how to be happy.

That's it.
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2021.11.29 19:52 Sad-Soundcloud MENTHALO - FOK THAT B

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2021.11.29 19:52 shrkdraws [For Hire] Character illustrations, more info in the comments, please DM me, if you are interested!

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2021.11.29 19:52 Safe_Fix_4237 Waow

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2021.11.29 19:52 Droct12 [USA-MA][H]SDI deck core with dragoon[W] sword soul cards, binders, etc

cards here:
aleisters, meltdowns, mechaba, and 1 invo italian, rest is english. any questions on rarity/edition feel free to ask
tenyi core
Dpe package?
artifact core(ignitions sanctums scythes blue one, orange one)
gold aleister x1
gold invocation x1
gold mechaba x 2
gold rare magicial meltdown x 3
gold rare terraforming
Not buying wants atm, can split the core
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2021.11.29 19:52 haajajajaj cleared all the hallow and corruption, but where should i put npcs that like the hallow? is it worth making an artificial biome

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2021.11.29 19:52 1c4t ******** *** ***** **** *****😂😂

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2021.11.29 19:52 ReaIZx What is the coolest line in history?

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2021.11.29 19:52 hellowhoisyouhm trading roblox acc with limited roblox face for a genshin acc ANYONE??????

no link pls idc if bad maintained unless you have resin only na or asia
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2021.11.29 19:52 swamphed [I cant believe its gotten even worse] Hermits @ the moon:

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2021.11.29 19:52 Indalx Δε μου λετε ρε παιδες, σχετικα με την μεταλλαξη Ομικρον.

Αρχισαμε παλι τα ιδια,ωραια?
Οι ανεμβολιαστοι δε μπορουν να ταξιδεψουν,ωραια?
Στην Αυστραλια πως πηγε η μεταλλαξη Ομικρον ακριβως απο την στιγμη που οι ανεμβολιαστοι δε μπορουν να ταξιδεψουν και οι εμβολιασμενοι δε κανουν μεταλλαξεις? Η κανουν?
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2021.11.29 19:52 itzjackybro since they're using greek letters to name the covid variants

we're only 3 more variants away from having a sigma variant
IDK i thought that people would make sigma grindset jokes
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2021.11.29 19:52 pullingsneakies Bbop

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2021.11.29 19:52 Bonus1Fact Hunt: Australia as well prepared as any nation to deal with Omicron ¦ Sky News Australia

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2021.11.29 19:52 AlexWolffe Four Sisters of the Apocolypse - Part 4

Here is Part 4, trying to get a schedule going. Any comments are welcome!
The names of the main characters are changing in this part, what they were using before was family nick-names for each other. Now that an outsider is there we get their real names.

4 Sisters Of the Apocalypse - Part 4
Lusitania bridge
Topsy keyed the coordinates into the navigation and signaled Flopsy that she was ready. Space winked. The Lusitania and the wreckage of the Apprissa were gone, with only the Trajiit ship—or what was left of it—floating in space.
The reentry was bumpier than before, as alarms went off and rumbles emanated through the hull. Everyone yelled.
Flopsy spun around, glaring. "We brought the wreckage of the Draden ship with us, she said, waving at the main screen. “It's not my fault!" Surrounding the Lusitania were many pieces of the Draden ship. An eerie feeling fell upon the bridge as the pieces dinged and banged randomly against the outside of the ship.
"We have to hide," said Turvy. She was watching the navigation array, worried about the damage. "We can't tear the ship up, Dad will kill us."
Flopsy shrugged. "I'm open to ideas. We are currently in space and there are not alot of things to hide behind."
Turvy’s eyes twinkled. "I have an idea." She turned to her main boards and began to enter commands. Flopsy and Turvy exchanged a glance. Both had been on the receiving end of one of Turvy's ideas, and they were rarely fun.
Flopsy, as de facto second in command, decided that they needed to know what the idea was.
"You have an idea. What is it?". Turvy was smirking, and that made Flopsy worry a little more. Being in charge was not fun, she decided.
"Ok, ok. So we can take light and bend it for holograms, right?" Turvy spoke animatedly, hands moving around in pantomime.
"Yes, not that it does us any good,” said Topsy. “Regular emitters aren't strong enough for anything bigger than a monitor. That’s why you can't change your bedroom to a forest."
"But that only matters on a planet where the gravity is really strong, right?" Turvy entered more commands, then spun around to look at her sisters with a huge grin.
Flopsy sighed. "Ok, I'll bite. What do you mean?"
She motioned to the console. "Send a drone out and look at us from outside."
Lusitania - hold
"The Trajitt have destroyed us, or at least think they did,” Draaen'OR rumbled softly. “We have to get the news to the Draden High Council. This ambush is meant to draw the Draden forces away from the garrisons for the defense of the Humans. This must be reported!"
Mopsy was confused. She didn't know why Humanity needed protecting. From what she knew of her parents work, there were a lot of military applications. Best to leave that explanation to others. She felt out of her depth, sitting in the hold of a stolen space runner talking to a Draden Captain—who by the way, was not supposed to be there—about intergalactic politics and war. It didn't help that she half expected smoke to billow out of Draaen'OR's mouth at any moment. Although honestly, that would be very COOL. Humanoid Dragons were just as cool as she knew they would be.
She shook her head no. "We have to get this ship home. Then we can warn your fleet through the Human council."
Draaen'OR adjusted his position on the bench and tried to get comfortable. "No, there would be questions that we would rather not answer. Our presence here is not entirely above reproach."
"What does that mean?" Mopsy asked, suddenly suspicious. Were the Draden enemies after all?
Trajiit Command Ship Oongs
Task Force Commander Skoddos sat silently on the bridge, unhappy with the way things were going. They had received no word from the High Council about commencing the attack on the Humans, and now they had lost contact with the Attack Craft Moggi. She turned to her comms officer.
'What is the status of the Moggi?"
"Unknown, Commander. They were in range, but emissions from the damnable planet have scrambled our communications. Last contact was a report of the Draden ship being destroyed." He shrunk down in his seat.
Skoddos smiled at the thought. "Very well. Message them that we are going to turn our sights to the Draden garrisons at Maarsha. We will come to them. If the council won't give me leave to destroy this backwater planet, I will find something else to slake our thirst for conquering!"
The Second in command, Raajit, calm as ever, moved slowly over to the Commander and spoke quietly. "Do you think that wise? This task force was to hold until we have orders or are discovered."
Skoddos rose, standing face to face with her Second. Her rage at being questioned blazed in her eyes. "And what do you think the Draden ship did when they found us? Do you really think they have not already notified their fleets? The purpose of the task force has been fulfilled, and we can be first to the battle with the Draden garrisons! We will not be denied that glory!"
Lusitiana - Hold
Draaen'OR watched the young human pace in front of him. She was of military age, and seemed to have some sense to her. He might sway her yet.
"We Draden are one of the few species that WANT Humans in the Council. There are others that do not."
A sudden rumble in the deck plating rocked the ship heavily, almost knocking Mopsy off her feet. The Draden managed to keep his seat on the bench. Were they being attacked?
Mopsy ran to the intercom on the wall. "Bridge, what the heck? Did the Trajiit come back? Are we under attack?" She tried not to panic, but with the stress of the ship, the sisters, and now the Draden, her face betrayed her worry.
Flopsy answered, her voice tight. "It's fine ... everything is good here ... how are you?"
Things were not fine.
Mopsy shook her head and rubbed her temples. Guest first, then kill sisters. She turned back to the Draden.
"Let me talk it over with my sisters. We have some issues ourselves that we need to figure out. I'll take you to meet them after you rest, and we can decide."
Draaen'OR was bursting with questions, but held them all. Sisters? that would mean three more on the bridge, if he remembered their first meeting. Draden females were not as numerous as the males, only about one in seven births. To have four in one family was very special.
Regardless, because his people would now get drawn into a conflict with the Trajiit, the Draden NEEDED humans to come into the council. With the current dissension on the council, the Trajiit were raising the war banner. The others on the council were weak now, having enjoyed centuries of peace. They were afraid. He lay down again on the steel bench. His injuries were taking their toll.
Lusitania Bridge
Returning to the bridge of the Lusitania, Mopsy found everyone crowded around the drone command console. They turned to her as she entered. The youngest, Turvy, was beaming.
"What is it?" Mopsy asked, suspicion in her voice. Things tended to go sideways when Turvy was beaming.
Flopsy jumped in, taking control before Mopsy got mad. "Turvy had an idea: what if we camouflage ourselves with the space junk we’ve been dragging with us? I sent a drone out to see what we looked like from outside, and it worked! We look like .... space junk." She waved at a screen above the youngest sister’s station.
"That's great!” Mopsy was glad for good news. “How did you figure that out? Was it something Dad put in before?"
"I have no idea," replied Turvy, "but after Topsy mentioned something about gravity-light-reflect-stuff I started poking around. It seems that the scanners can push particles around the ship which then can then ‘reflect’ an image. She is going to have to explain it though ... maths....." She spun her chair around, happy.
Mopsy sighed and began to relay the conversation she had with the Draden captain.
Trajiit command ship
"We will no longer wait on the currents for something to happen. I will be the one that propels us forward!" Skoddos muttered to herself. The bridge crew were studiously ignoring her, focused on their tasks.
There was little reason to stay in this backwater system now. The fact that they were discovered by the Draden likely saved them from possible losses to the Human fleet. After all, no one knew what the Human fleet capabilities were. They were closed mouthed and did not parade their strength in front of the Galactic Council. Most of the superiors in the Trajiit High Command thought that was a sign of weakness. Skoddos didn't care.
She returned to her chair and relaxed, all her flexible appendages releasing and contracting as she thought. If the task force moved to the garrison on the outer edge of the Draden home system, it might be possible to surprise them. If they were careful, they would be able to smash them before they could muster troops.
"How much time to the Draden garrison at Maarsha?" she asked the navigator.
"Twelve hours, Captain!" The navigator was banking on a promotion after this mission, and was all in for any action that would help with that. Skoddos would use that energy to push the others.
"Send a message to the Moogi! They can rejoin the task force on the star side of the planet. We can group jump from there."
"Aye, Captain!"
The battle group of Trajiit ships plotted course and began preparations. Skoddos discussed plans with the other captains as they traveled to their jump point. It was imperative that everyone was clear on their objectives.
Draaen'OR sat in a high back chair that was too big for him on the bridge of the Human ship. Four human females of various ages all nervously watched him while they worked. He had found his way to the bridge after the Captain asked him to talk to the crew. Krdd, his second officer remained on a bed after the human had tended to him. His condition seemed stable.
The humans were strange beings, smooth skinned with fur spilling from the tops of their heads. They were bipedal, looking much like other species he had known. Their eyes were on him, and even though they were young, it was easy to see they were definitely a predator species.
Knowing his need was dire, he decided to approach them for help. He did not want to cause interstellar war with the one species that could be an ally.
"Captain, if I may?" He tried to measure the young human as he shifted in the overlarge chair.
The human faced him with unknown expression. Was she curious, scared, or about to kill him? They had been caught spying, illegally, on the human world. There was no telling what they would do.
"Yes, please do Captain. But first let me introduce everyone. My name is Mops ... Andromeda. Andi for short. My sisters are the rest of the crew." She smiled brightly and then seemed concerned.
"Sisters?" The nagging idea in his forebrain, reaching out yet again.
"This is our family ship. It's supposed to be for research." Andi paused, then continued. "Thank you for saving us, I'm sorry that you lost your ship ... " She looked at the deck plates, not sure what else to say. The rest of the sisters appeared abashed as well. They would have been dead if the Draden ship had not intervened.
"I am Draaen'OR, Captain—or former Captain—of the Scout Ship Apprissa. The officer that is in your hold is Krrd, he was my second officer." No sense telling them more of Krrd than needed.
Andi nodded and introduced the rest of the crew, pointing at each in turn. "This is Haven, or Flopsy, she is our pilot. This is Ember, or Topsy, our navigator, and this is Turvy, I mean, Grey—she is environmental and scans."
Draaen'OR's confusion was evident on his face. The one called Ember jumped in. "We have family nick-names that we use most of the time when it's just us." They all looked at Draaen'OR, waiting.
"My people, the Draden, have a legend about Four Sisters," he began, but just then alarms rang out, demanding attention.
Quickly, the sisters turned their attention back to their stations. There were ships coming toward their position. Though still a long way off, it was apparent they were Trajiit.
Andi was now sure they needed to do something sooner rather than later.
She turned to Draaen'OR, "Captain, we must let our people know what the Trajiit are doing."
Draaen'OR gestured to the screen. "We will not be able to send out a communication without the Trajiit knowing, they are scanning this area. Whatever shields you are using to cloak yourself is working for now, but a full scan may not fool them. If we can escape to Draden space, I can let my people know what the Trajiit are doing here. There is undoubtedly something more."
Andi shook her head. "We have to let Earth know as well. You can contact your people through our government – after all, we are friends, aren't we?"
The Draden captain coughed and looked uncomfortable. "We are not exactly here with permission from your government."
"That means spying," Grey said. "He's a spy." The four humans stared at him.
The bridge became much colder for Draaen'OR.
"We are only here as watchers. We know your government does not want to rush hastily into the Galactic Fold. Which is wise in one sense, but that means they have taken an open stance with all the members of the Alliance. Including the Trajiit. We have reached out to your government, but have only been rebuffed. However, we also knew the Trajiit were planning something that most likely had to do with both Humans and strengthening their stance against the Draden. And now that we have engaged the taskforce, those multiarmed kaaths will frame it as an attack by my people so that they can declare war on the Galactic Council."
Ember frowned at the Draden. "Lets not forget you were spying on us. Why? We haven't done anything to your people."
Andi interrupted her. "Remember, they saved us, and didn't have to. They could have just stayed hidden and let us get destroyed. He lost his ship due to our little joyride." She looked at her sisters with grim determination. "We can work out who was spying on who and why later."
Draaen'OR was surprised. They all seemed to have a say in things, and even argued against each other. On a Draden ship, there was no discussion once the captain made a decision.
"I understand your position, and I would also be alarmed if I knew that another people were watching us." He shifted in the chair. "I would even be somewhat suspicious as well." He tried to smile at Ember, to show that he was not offended. He was surprised when she smiled brightly back.
Unknown to Draaen'OR, when a human-looking-dragon smiled at humans, they thought it was awesome.
The young pilot Haven spoke up. "We could go back to Earth, message our parents, and then maybe just not mention you. Then we could take you where you want to go." While she was nervous about all it, any excuse to keep flying this ship was worth it.
Draaen'OR paused. "Would you be able to keep our presence a secret though?"
"I would be surprised if our people were not aware of the Trajiit presence at this point,” Andi said. “In fact, we’re probably already in a bunch of trouble from our Father. We have to help you though; you did sacrifice your ship for us. We’ll figure it out on the way."
Ember turned to her sisters. "Okay. We can drop into an orbit of the Moon, send a message to Mother’s personal link, and then go to … wherever. If we stop for very long, we will probably not be able to leave again. You know Father. He’s probably got a kill-switch on this ship."
Andi looked at her sisters, "Anybody want to say no? We’re probably going to be grounded forever after this."
Ever the rebel, Haven grinned. "Then we better get moving. It'll be fine, we are helping someone that needs help. That should count for something."
Ember snorted. Grey laughed. Andi rolled her eyes. "You just want to keep flying," she said.
Haven's eyes sparkled, "And you don't? This thing is awesome! Come on, you're having fun too!"
"Don't forget that Draden have died for us," Turvy said.
"Right,” Andi said, setting her jaw. “This is not about having fun. It's about repaying someone that sacrificed for us. This is partly our fault."
"Then let’s get to it," muttered Ember, getting annoyed. There were so many variables, she was not sure that she could even get the coordinates to the Draden home world position correct. Oh well. We’ll probably die on the next jump anyway.
Trajiit Command Ship
"Ma'am! There is something ahead. General scans show it to be debris, but more detailed scans are giving conflicting results. There is no trace of the Moogi or the Draden ship."
Skoddos considered the image on the screen. Space junk, possibly from a ship?
"Clean that up! Is that the Moogi or the Draden wreckage?"
Ember was calculating the exact position in space that they needed to be at the Draden garrisons. The math was the easy part. What may already be there was the big issue. Coming out of a jump blind was crazy—and dangerous. Even a small asteroid in the wrong place could destroy the ship and all her family.
The bridge had become quiet and busy. Haven was familiarizing herself with the controls for the drone deployments, Andi was quietly discussing terms with Draaen'OR, and Grey was watching the scanners and trying to fine tune her illusion.
Trajiit ships were still inbound, clearing the edge of Venus, broadcasting in the clear. She grabbed the recorder and began to focus on the message.
"We have company, guys!" she announced. The transmissions were Trajiit communications, but could not be deciphered, at least according to the comms systems.
Draaen'OR held up the data cube that he had taken from the Aprissa. "This might help us break their communications encryption. It is all the data that we were able to gather before the Aprissa was destroyed." He handed the cube to Grey and shifted in his chair. "They will be coming for the other ship. We must make sure they don't know we are here. If they discover us we are dead and neither of our worlds will be warned."
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2021.11.29 19:52 shuteer Directing Advice for working with kids

So, I’m directing a crime drama short film and the protagonist has a daughter.
This is my first time working with a child actress. She’s around 9/10 years old.
Any advice/tips?
The genre context of the film it’s a crime drama (pseudo gangstecrime films)
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2021.11.29 19:52 Huge_Ad_629 On the way to go get my Pixel 6!

Sad about letting go of my Pixel 3 but can't take battery life anymore and having to constantly be attached to charger. This comes after battery replacement in September.
Anyway, drop your favorite things about the Pixel 6 below!!
Also drop what you dislike the most! Kinda excited lol
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2021.11.29 19:52 one1082 Anyone canceling after the latest delays?

I have a more recent pre-order and don't expect delivery until 2023, which is fine but not ideal.
If you have a LE preorder but can't wait, are no longer interested in the vehicle, or want a max-pack and don't mind waiting... I'm interested in buying your reservation slot or trading mine.
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2021.11.29 19:52 Vash_Red_Fire2 Cip Development team will work more today than they worked from July to December.

Cip Development team will work more today than they worked from July to December.
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2021.11.29 19:52 sfbaravin New Restaurant Opening

Hi, hope this is ok to post here. Recent "Bloomerang" here, opening a restaurant in January. I've opened four places in NOLA and am excited to be coming back here to open another joint.
Please visit our website for more info, you'll find transparent information on compensation and benefits.
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2021.11.29 19:52 Dissizzit Which Nitro5 model to buy? Any input is much appreciated 🙏

So I've been looking on the Acer Nitro site and comparing a bunch of models. The max I want to spend is $850 TOTAL. Anything more than that I might as well buy the M1 MacBook since it'll hold its value in 5+ years and can resell it for at least $500 (ex 2015 MacBooks are selling for $500-$800 on eBay).
Which NITRO5 would you guys recommend? DOESN'T HAVE TO BE FROM THESE TWO
Right now I'm looking at these two- AN515-55-57BK ($750 eBay certified refurbished) - Intel i5-10300H - 16 GB Ram - 512 GB SSD - NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050
AN515-55-57C4 ($850 eBay certified refurbished) - Intel i5-10300H - 16 GB Ram - 512 GB SSD - NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050Ti
Again, it doesn't have to be between those two.. please advise as to which Nitro5 model is the best for $850 TOTAL. On the ACER Nitro site there are soooo many models that have small differences around the same price point. PLZ HELP ANY ADVICE IS MUCH APPRECIATED FELLAS
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2021.11.29 19:52 qpFacts Option To Disable Day/Night Cycle When In House?

Basically, I have the house closest to the ocean set as my main house and when it's nighttime I can hardly see my cars when I'm trying to add Color and Vinyls.
I know I can go to the Horizon Festivals to get a indoor experience.
But would be nice to just have a option to let it stay as day or something while inside the house, so if you're customizing a car, and it turns to night, you don't have to go to the Festival to finish it.
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2021.11.29 19:52 Git4r Playing a Grant Green solo!

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