Let’s buckle up for 1K%

2021.10.17 05:09 tj7601 Let’s buckle up for 1K%

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2021.10.17 05:09 Savings_Profile_3612 JW Birthdays

One of my coworkers is a JW. She’s never actually mentioned her religion to me. When I first met her she asked when my birthday was and vice versa. Hers happens to be on Halloween… I jokingly asked if she celebrated her bday or Halloween to which she said neither, we both just laughed and didn’t think much of it. Months later my manager told me that my coworker was a JW so she doesn’t celebrate her bday or most holidays.
However, my coworker told me about how everyone last year got her a gift and she jokingly said “it’s my birthday month” at the beginning of October. I don’t know if I should wish her a happy birthday considering she’s never mentioned being a JW??
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2021.10.17 05:09 misscrimson16x Short torso/undefined waist problem?

I’m 21F and 5’2 3/4. I work out every day and eat healthy. I’ve been a US size 2 in pants for the last 2 years. Since I’ve increased the intensity of my workouts, my chest has gotten smaller. My current measurements are 31-26(?)-33. It used to measure 27 around the thinnest part of my midsection even though 27 is supposed to be a 4 and 4 is too loose for me. Now it measures 26 and I can wear size 25/0 pants. I know this means I’ve lost fat but what is up with such a big waist but fitting into such small clothes? Does anyone else wear a different size pants than their waist would suggest?
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2021.10.17 05:09 LetsRainbowLion City Heart

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2021.10.17 05:09 F1shing_cRazy My cat wouldn’t stop scratching the carpet of my room while I tried to sleep

When I got up I found it was no cat…
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2021.10.17 05:09 RedJorgAncrath What's the best way with PoB to see how damage is converted?

For example, I'm looking at this build and my stupid eyes cannot figure out how all of that phys damage is converted to chaos.
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2021.10.17 05:09 BrunesOnReddit met these guys today! always wanted to see Capybaras, and today i got to pet one. multiple pics

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2021.10.17 05:09 sgj5788 Headed to the promised land

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2021.10.17 05:09 Junefullmoon Some looove? At my brothers wedding. Feeling a little down since I wasn't invited to be apart of it in the party... but I guess I still got to dress up nice.

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2021.10.17 05:09 Fast_Ad_7236 "Meditation " Ballpoint pens 40x60 cm 2 year 2012

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2021.10.17 05:09 bruhchow [Film]Do you think Robin be mentioned/shown in The Flash?

It seems a large premise of the movie is about Flash’s more quantum aspects, such as time travel and inter dimensional travel.
More particularly, we see him time traveling back to save his mother. Do you guys think Batfleck will make an attempt to save Robin or visit a reality where he’s alive?
I will admit Batman’s involvement is a little random, his expertise is obviously very useful but other than saving Robin or maybe even his parents… what would motivate him to travel with/help them?
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2021.10.17 05:09 bigdaddysquidward Life uh.... finds a way. Almost a year after initial collapse this Lazarus jar is back from the grave.

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2021.10.17 05:09 aybap Any ideas/words to calm me down? Waiting to hear back about scheduling appt with dermatologist, popped up the other day

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2021.10.17 05:09 l--Xanatos--l Beboctober Day 16: Black Dog Serenade

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2021.10.17 05:09 HParadox I just wanted a midnight snack

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2021.10.17 05:09 lololordjr weird

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2021.10.17 05:09 Sonic_The_Margehog Any tips on how to develop a small team for indie games?

I'm only starting now, but I would like to assemble a team sometime in the future for things like music, art direction and such. What are the best means for finding others? And how successful have you guys found
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2021.10.17 05:09 Rowdy_310 Cloudy skies over Lake Erie

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2021.10.17 05:09 OldDuner Mould King 98K Mauser Sniper Rifle

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2021.10.17 05:09 Sweaty-Back6796 G PRO X WIRED MESSING WITH IN GAME AUDIO

Basically the title. In many games whenever I get into a conversation or walk past someone, the sound for dialogue or movement never seems to work. Cannot hear a thing. I'm guessing it is due to my computer recognizing it as surround even though the rear speakers do not work properly.
I'll be playing RE2 and every time I shoot a gun it sounds extremely distant. Any time there is dialogue I cannot hear it and it sounds like a whisper.
I'm playing Skyrim, go up to a character to talk and cannot hear anything they say once in the dialogue. I can hear everything else fine, such as when I pass someone in the street or when I'm walking through the wilderness, but nothing in the dialogue boxes.
Any help?
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2021.10.17 05:09 Shadikjitu11 Bitgame

#Bitgame #LUT #Bitgame_bounty #BTC #Crypto #Sports The good project and The team has built a very strong community with great potential. The best specialists work and create good confidence in this project for people that make it more and more special . https://www.bitgame.com
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2021.10.17 05:09 ZinfulGraphics These Coolant recharge racks don't work. What am I doing wrong?

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2021.10.17 05:09 Hoggy2099 Teacher

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2021.10.17 05:09 KingBai Tips for starting in the New World?

I'm finally getting New World! The wait is over and although I'm late I'm nonetheless just as eager. I had promised one of my friends that I would start with them and now the time has finally come. While the wait killed me and the download time is excruciating I was hoping to get some advice in the meantime.
I know that starting with friend is hard, and you're supposed to finish one quest, meet up and then continue onwards together. But I'm looking for any other tips I should know, like if I should focus any crafting skills or all of them?
I was planning on playing with the Spear and LifeStaff and was wondering if that was a valid combination, or if I should just use a bow or musket instead of life staff. Aside from all that I don't know all too much about the game as is so any advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks to any sages who share their knowledge!
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2021.10.17 05:09 Recent_Confusion_675 Tiller for x300

I just bought a 2009 JD X300 and I love it. I would love it even more if I could tow a tiller behind it for our enormous garden. Anybody have any great ideas? I’ve read that the JD 30” mechanical tiller was never made to fit the X300 series lawn tractors. But I’ve also read they can be retrofitted. Any help is much appreciated.
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