Participants with potential ROCD

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2021.10.17 05:10 Violinzz Participants with potential ROCD

Watching some of these people has been painful! I find it worrisome that these "experts" don't seem to really care about the mental health of some of these participants.
I think there's a big chance some of them might have Relationship OCD, something I didn't even know was a thing until I find out I had it.
I've always felt like I was unlucky in love and just couldn't meet the one. Any time a guy came into my life it ended badly. Yet I really craved a stable, loving, committed relationship more than anything. Which is why I got into this show! I really saw myself in these people.
So after being completely blindsided by a guy I thought I was going to marry I was done. I didn't want to find love. Being alone was easier. But part of me still craved it so badly.
Fast-forward a few months I see this guy I kind of knew when I was a teenager at my best friend's wedding. She had been telling me I should get to know him for months prior. I was instantly interested. He was my type to a T. Like checked every box. But my dejected, cynical self just thought "No way he'd be into me! That'd be too good to be true!" He was! And we started dating.
But what's crazy is as soon as things got serious and he started talking marriage I lost interest!! Which was what I always wanted from a man. I just couldn't understand why!! I started nit-picking him, disliking things about him that I loved before things were serious. Meanwhile he's doing everything right! Being so amazing and patient with me. And I'm resenting him for no reason!! I was sooo frustrated with myself!! Like I get the guy of my dreams and I can't be in love with him!
One day I was talking to my mom about my relationship and she said " It's like you're angry at him for loving you!" That hit me. Why? What was wrong with me? Before I was so into him. I broke down in tears of frustration.
Next day my mom sent me an article about Relationship OCD. It was like I was reading a description of myself! I had so many issues and trauma I never dealt with!! I didn't belive I deserved to be happy, so I convinced myself that I couldn't love him. I was self-sabatoging. I instantly realized I needed therapy. I got the help I needed and now I'm happily planning a wedding to a man that is beyond everything I hoped for!!❤
I believe some of these people could be going through some of the same things I went through! Of course that doesn't excuse being a total jerk to your spouse, but these people need help!! Real help!
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2021.10.17 05:10 SexyEdMeese Fast growing plants and foliage for large balcony?

So it turn out the place we're gonna rent has a large balcony, way bigger than we had expected we might find. Would be nice to fill it out with some foliage but I can't spend hundreds and hundreds of $$ on plants and pots. Got any tips or advice? I would love a few plnts that would grow a couple feet in a season to obscure some of the concrete. Like grass maybe?
West facing, lots of sun.
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2021.10.17 05:10 No_Organization777 Any parents out there with a bad back / back problems?

My partner has sciatica and just generally a crappy back and neck - always getting bad knots and cricks and such. I’ve been on parental leave so I’ve been able to carry the baby around and rock her to sleep when their back is acting up, but I’m going back to work soon and they’ll be taking care of baby all day.
Baby is 3.5 months and still needs a fair amount of rocking and walking to go to sleep - sometimes up to an hour but usually more like 10-20 mins. We don’t have a rocking chair or glider or yoga ball or anything but we could get one.
Any tips? How do you manage?
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2021.10.17 05:10 Napo5000 Will we be able to share control layouts?

My concern is I don’t really want to spend time configuring controls for a game. Does anyone know if their will be a easy and effective way to share “community control configs” kinda like the steam workshop?
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2021.10.17 05:10 Sammich191 Looking for subreddit with specific type of surreal memes

Hey everyone! Im looking for a certain type of surreal meme, and a subreddit that only does such memes. The issue is idk what they are called but here is a description that is as good as I can give: the memes consist of one-coloured light backgorunds, with kinda crappily drawn characters that look "off". There's also usually plain, black text that looks like comic sans or something similar, and is never stylized/manipulated unlike surreal memes. The text often is being said by these characters, and usually consists of something thats offputting or even slightly disturbing.
Idk if this makes any sense, or if my description is any good, but all help is appreciated, cause this has been annoying me for an entire week now, and I rly wanna find what they are called!
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2021.10.17 05:10 DJB126 Far Cry 6 Xbox season pass question

So I bought the gold Steelbook edition that comes with the season pass, but when I entered the code I only received the preorder bonus and the blood dragon pack. It doesn’t say I own the season pass. Is it supposed to be like that?
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