Some Anivia Plays

2021.10.17 06:03 Classic_Intern_7101 Some Anivia Plays

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2021.10.17 06:03 MichiganMan1992 PS5 Controller Aiming

Hi All,
Not trying to hate on the game just looking for some feedback on to decide if I open my preorder or return. I played the beta but was really turned off by the aiming/overall feel of movement. Anyone who had this feeling during the Beta and is playing now, was that fixed or is it still the same?
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2021.10.17 06:03 Ekookeekooke no spiral alike 2

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2021.10.17 06:03 Xejira New World Skibidi

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2021.10.17 06:03 Qman11 I got cheated on

My ex and I dated for 2 and half years. Right towards the end I went off to college. I was terrified because I knew even if something like this didn’t happen it would still put a lot of strain on our relationship. I guess my fears were warranted. Now I’m stuck in foreign town where I don’t know any one, miles away from anyone I can confide in. So I’m here.
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2021.10.17 06:03 spartenx SpartenX's Ultra Moon Nuzlocke Part 1: 2 deaths for the price of 1 trial

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2021.10.17 06:03 Eznyputhe21 hypothetically speaking, if i hit that nae nae, you would in turn, hit the whip

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2021.10.17 06:03 Thedepressionoftrees it really does

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2021.10.17 06:03 Fabulous_Basket_5801 Come Visit!

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2021.10.17 06:03 Forewarnednight Collecting energy/Meditating/using crystals for an enhanced sleep?

Any crystals that work while asleep? The crystals I've used so far get hot rather quickly
Was thinking of gathering energy that enhances the sleep I get but wasn't sure what kind of energy, was more thinking of asking the universe for the energy that enhances my sleep.
Have heard that wishing/chanting the same message helps in getting a lucid dream (Like: I'm getting a lucid dream x1000 repeating the words in your mind)
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2021.10.17 06:03 GlamTheClam Stuck.

I'm Finn and I just started high school. I'm 13 (I'm Canadian and we don't have middle school,) and I know quite a few more non-binary kids now that I'm in high school and more exposed to them. I told my friends I'm non-binary, but not my parents. I want to change my name, cut my hair, and just appear more masculine. (I'm AFAB and find satisfaction in appearing more masculine because I feel that it balances out a bit more.)
The thing is, I'm afraid people will think I'm only doing those things because I want to be cool. The enby kids in my school are well-respected and cool kids (I should know, most of them are my friends.) I'm just afraid that people will think I'm trying to be trendy and fit in with my friends! People will think I'm only non-binary because it's "cool."
On top of that, I also do gymnastics. Why is that a big deal, you may ask? Well, firstly, I do it with a bunch of kids who are maybe a year younger than me. They are uneducated and probably would assume that I'm a trans man or think that my haircut is weird if I did get a more masculine haircut. Also, I wouldn't be able to put up my hair for competitions. I'm looking into quitting, but I can't do that until the end of the year because it's super expensive.
Also, I'm super closeted. Why, you may ask? Well, my mom isn't homophobic. I don't know about my mom's standpoints. My sisters wouldn't care. But as many of you guys probably know, it's super hard to come out. It's scary, and crazy, and so stressful. I don't have the courage to do that! My mom always talks about how she will always love me, or "you are who you are. So what?" which I feel would make it super awkward. I'm thinking about telling her over text or slipping a note in her drawer telling her, but I could never tell her face to face.
I also have my extended family (AKA my Tia and Abuelita on my mom's side and my grandma and grandpa on my dad's side. To my grandma and grandpa, I've always been the little girl. When I was 7 I loved wearing dresses and skirts. I was just super girly and I feel like they'd act surprised and make it super awkward if I came out. They're also Christian, so I have no idea how they feel about the LGBTQ+ community (are they bigoted? Who knows. My dad, who's their son, is kind of racist sometimes so I have no idea where that side of the family's coming from.) Next we have Tia and Abue. I'm a lot closer with them than my grandma and grandpa (which is funny because they live farther away from us,) but with my Abue it might still get awkward. I have a feeling she doesn't know much about the LGBTQ+, but my mom says that their family (who's also Christian,) come from the more accepting, "god loves all" part of the bible. But, with my Tia being just like my mom, because they're sisters, I'm sure it would still be pretty awkward. Not as awkward, but still awkward. And with cutting my hair, even if I didn't come out? It would be just as awkward as with my grandma and grandpa.
My clothes? I'm trying to buy some masculine clothes, but everything in my size is now super expensive, plus my mom will definitely notice the part that says men's section. So yeah, I'm basically stuck.
Also, since my birth name isn't Finn, and I haven't told my friends to call me that, I'm stuck being called [Redacted because my family will know who I am if they come across this post and read through]. So, that's fun.
Sorry for the long post. Does anyone have advice? Because I'm stuck.
-Finn <3
PS please tell me if I'm using the wrong flair, and which one to use
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2021.10.17 06:03 pholicious323 Only took 1000 raids, not much

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2021.10.17 06:03 Judd0112 Park down by the water. Beautiful day

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2021.10.17 06:03 DontTellMeHowToTroll What's does the coolest mask you've seen look like?

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2021.10.17 06:03 ELIZA13127FAITH Elliana!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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2021.10.17 06:03 Heimel Nintendo direct moment made me think of this...

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2021.10.17 06:03 cryptopunk661 Someone just sent $76,381,260 worth of Ethereum for a Fee of $8, and no one could have stopped it.

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2021.10.17 06:03 Abject_Hovercraft838 Monkey snapping green beans.

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2021.10.17 06:03 subh2527244373 Excellent interview from Mridul Aggarwal. Not all toppers are the same then.

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2021.10.17 06:03 AssassinAgent How offensive it is to tell someone to "up their meme game"?

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2021.10.17 06:03 HalvarTork Interactive Birthday Card

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2021.10.17 06:03 CherryBlossom7399 I just wanna be normal

I’m so sick of my anxiety holding me back. Sometimes I think of the things I could have accomplished and the memories I could have made if I didn’t have anxiety. I feel like whatever I do, I can’t escape it. I can’t even take a walk around my neighborhood without being uncomfortable. I can’t drive without my fucking social anxiety being triggered. I’m still scared ppl will look at me and judge me from inside their cars. From inside their cars🤡It’s so hard for me to be myself bc of my anxiety. It’s so lonely. Hardly anyone has seen the true me and that feels so isolating. Please rant in the comments. I need the support of my fellow social phobics 😖
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2021.10.17 06:03 Dorky_Gaming_Teach People should feel comfortable saying their birthday wishes out loud, and get rid of the stigma of "don't tell anyone your wish, or your wish won't come true."

The practice is outdated, and if it's someone’s birthday and they want to share a special message to everyone at the gathering, they should feel comfortable doing so. It might be cathartic and important to them.
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2021.10.17 06:03 willeateyeball her mom is a husky, we are tryna find out what breed the husky mixed with

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2021.10.17 06:03 nyghtfox13 what is this tiny bug in my snail vivarium (on celery), are the bad?

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